Workshop with Marcello Wick and Cornelia Wiedmer inspiration, intuition and improvisation are of course skills in humans. They arise from the immediate state of the flow and design, in which we can creatively compose our reality. The expanded own design room connects to the design rooms of others. This gives a sound space that is infinite in its potential. We build bridges between everyday, vibrant spirituality and liberating music as true art of living. Improvisation and creativity allow us to experience the familiar anew and unleash unimagined potential. In a playful way, we discover awakening forces and thus experience the ' feeling ' of life force in the physical resonance. In singing and working, we are genuine and present: We understand each other and understand others. We are connected to the original nature of our soul. Time: Saturday 11.30 – 22.00 with lunch – breaks – dinner Sunday 9.00 – 15.30 with lunch Venue: SHIMA-Davos AG Dischmastrasse 63, 7260 Davos village; 081 410 12 00, seminar costs: CHF 350.00 incl. Seminar room, intermediate meals, material/excluding Overnight and meals Overnight: At EZ 160.00/in DZ 140.00/MBZ from 3 people possible 135.00, with breakfast buffet and all meals seminar accompaniment: Marcello Wick; Cornelia Wiedmer Participants: Max. 14 Registration:, 079 203 62 24 or 081 410 12 00 Flyer: Improvisation and Creativity 23rd-24. June 2018


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